I recommend the editorial work of Jayme Harpring, whose skills I have used to help me shape both commercial and creative writing. Dr. Harpring has a keen eye not just for grammar and the usual editing requirements, but also for cutting and reshaping language to suit a particular audience. She is my court of last resort; after I’ve worked with other readers and writers, I take the final product to her. She invariably finds ways to improve it. A pleasure to work with.

Andree Pages

Senior Editor Pharma Marketing Network

New York

I was lucky to meet Jayme as an editor. She is so knowledgeable and gave me wise and careful advice, not only for grammar but also structure and content. Jayme listened to my requests very carefully and tried to keep me on schedule. I felt that she was a great supporter and helper for me to finish my dissertation in time. Overall, her great personality and knowledge made everything smooth for me. I would like to work with her again.

Joohee Kang, Ph.D. in Art Education

Florida State University

I heartily endorse Jayme Harpring as an editor for academic papers, theses, and dissertations. She has worked with a number of my doctoral students, many of whom speak English as a second language, and has done a superb job with them. She’s efficient, incisive, and gets the details right, and at the same time has an excellent grasp on the global picture, and is able to ferret out the student’s meanings…She is excellent at making deadlines, and her prices are fair and equitable. I recommend her to you most highly and without reservation.

Tom Anderson, Ph.D.

Jessie Lovano-Kerr Professor of Art Education Florida State University

After my agent read the first draft of my memoir, Mean Little deaf Queer, she told me frankly, “Before I can send this out to publishers it will need some hard editing.” Jayme edited the manuscript, I sent it back to my agent, and three weeks later it was sold to Beacon Press. You’ll find my heartfelt thanks to Jayme in its acknowledgements. I hope to hire her again now that Beacon has contracted me to write the sequel.

Terry Galloway, author

Mean Little deaf Queer

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that

it has taken place.

                                George Bernard Shaw