Today instructional media materials

come in all

sizes, shapes, &





But not all are created equally.


We can help you create and design instructional media for the particular

sense-making needs of your learners.


"It has been a joy working in partnership with you...on our curriculum materials. The quality of your narration and the mastering of the final sound files is superb. You have been flexible with revisions that were required when we needed to change scripts. You have made recommendations that have made our scripts better. Your have adapted to our schedule and completed projects promptly. The product always has been of the highest professional quality. We often get comments about the quality of our audio recordings and questions about who did the narration. Moreover, the the children love "the lady" who reads stories to them daily. You will continue to be the team that we will go to for our sound recording, editing, and production needs. It has been great working with you. Best wishes!"

Howard Goldstein, PhD

Associate Dean for Research, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences and

Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders, University of South Florida

Vice-President for Science & Research, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association



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                                                  Frederick Douglass