Jayme Harpring, Ph.D.

My academic background includes study in the fields of communication, education, and psychology. Though much of my career has unfolded in academia, I have worked as a community organizer, teacher of English-as-a-foreign-language, counselor, freelance writer, and voice talent. You can learn more about my background by clicking here: MY CV


I founded Harpring Communications about twenty years ago. Since then, I've worked solo and with other communication professionals on projects ranging from the editing of scholarly books and articles, to the development of instructional media materials for young children, to dissertation coaching.

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just

as hard to sleep after.

                             Anne Morrow Lindbergh

John B. Pekins, M.S.


I have spent 45 years engaged in the business of language--as a writer, editor, consultant, tutor, middle/high school teacher, and college professor of English and Reading. In early work with the Florida Legislature and the former Florida Dept. of Health and Rehabilitative Services, I supported writers' efforts to attain clarity in legal and technical writing. Later, while teaching students from middle school through college, I developed an approach to writing instruction and editing that honors the purposes of the writer and reader in order to ensure a successful written language experience for both parties.  In my editing and instructional work with Harpring Communications, as well as in my own writing, I continue to honor these values.